• The basic and the most important
    ingredient of our liqueurs is the fruit
    picked in untouched nature or
    cultivated under controlled

  • The fruit maceration is carried out in
    the mixture of distillate specially
    prepared for each type of liqueur,
    consisting of alcohol of agricultural
    origin, fruit distillate derived by
    maceration and distillation and from
    grape distillate.

  • Medicinal herbs are also used in
    liqueur production (mint, rosemary,
    sage, rue, kummel, anise, fennel,
    blueberry, yarrow, woodruff,
    St. John's wort, etc.) in combination of
    aromas, smells and tastes adjusted
    individually to each liqueur.

  • Liqueurs are ennobled with aromatic
    sort wines (Traminac, Yellow Muscat,
    Muscat Rose, Teran, Merlot, Welsh
    Riesling, etc.) rounding discretely
    the taste